29 May 2014

What is the difference between soup stock and broth?

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Soup stock is made with bones while broth is made with meat. The gelatin in the bones give stock the rich flavor.

Stock is used for soups, gumbos and anything you plan to reduce. Roasting beef bones in 350˚F oven for up to an hour (depending on size) will bring out more of the marrow. You can make stock with chicken or turkey carcasses, shrimp shells or beef bone.

Broth is more for basting or making mashed potatoes, rice and gravy. You can purchase some great basic broth from your local market (we use Kitchen Basic or Swansons). Don't be afraid to up the flavor of your store bought broth by adding herbs and carrots, onions, celery or leeks.

Something new on market shelves is called bone broth which is a chicken or beef stock and popular with those following a Paleo diet.

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