Apple Variety Image Description Flavor & Texture Category, useful for
Braeburn Braeburn Apple Red with lighter flecks and a green atinge aroud the stem; yellow flesh. Sweet, slightly tangy, juicy and crisp All-purpose
Cortland  Cortland Appl Red with bright green patches; white flesh that doesn't turn brown quickly. Sweet, juuicy and tender All-purpose
Empire   Red with lighter flecks and yellowish green patches; cream colored flesh Sweet-tart, juicy and very crisp, also can turn mushy.  All-purpose 
Fuji   Red with yellow and green mottling; crem-colored flesh  Sweet, juicy and fairly crisp.  Eating
Gala  Gala Apple Red with gold mottling; light yellow flesh.  Mild,sweet and crisp.  Eating
Golden Delicious  Golden Delicious Apple  Greenish gold skin, sometimes with a little pink; light yellow flesh.  Full-flavored, sweet-tart, juicy and crisp.  All-purpose
Granny Smith    Green with light flecks; white flesh. Tart to sweet-tart, juuicy and very crisp; holds shape well when cooked.   All-purpose
Ida Red   Large and brilliant red; ligt green flesh with a touch of pink. Sweet, juicy an firm; holds shape well wehn cooked.  Cooking 
Jonagold  Jonagold Apple Red with a golden-yellow flecks and streaks of green; light yellow flesh. Very sweet, juuicy and crisp; better than Golden Delicious but harder to find. All-purpose 
Jonathan Jonathan Apple  Red with some bright yellow streaks; off-white flesh.  Sweet-tart with a bit of spice, juicy and crisp; does not bake whole very well.  All-purpose 
Macoun    A New England favorite; red with green patche andmottling; white flesh; available late fall only. Very sweet, juicy and tender.  Eating
McIntosh    Bright red with green patches; off white flesh. Sweet and crisp when very fresh; becomes mushy quickly.  All-purpose 
Pink Lady    Rosy ink and golden yellow; white flesh that doesn't turn brown quickly. Sweet-tart, juicy and very crisp; lots of flavor.   All-purpose
Red Delicious    The most common but ost often mealy; dark red,; off-white flesh. Sweet but not complex, often mealy.   Eating
Rome    Bright red and round; greenish-hued flesh. Mildly tart and tender.   Cooking